Adult Education is currently watching "History of Christian Theology"

The Sunday Morning Adult Education Class is currently watching History of Christian Theology.  It is a 36 DVD series by The Great Courses.  The teaching professor is Dr. Philip Cary, Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University.


This course surveys major developments in the history of Christian theology, which is the tradition of critical reasoning about how to teach the faith of Christ. The course is divided into three parts. Part I covers the first Christian theological writings, the theology of the early church, the concepts of orthodoxy and heresy and three key doctrines: Trinity, Incarnation and grace. Part II covers medieval and Reformation theology as well as features of Eastern Orthodox theology and the schism between Eastern Orthodoxy and the Western church. In lectures on the Reformation period we learn about important Protestant groups represented by Martin Luther, John Calvin, the Anabaptists and the Anglican tradition. Part III begins by tracing the course of Protestant theology through the modern period and concludes by treating the history of Roman Catholic theology from the16th Century Council of Trent to Vatican II, a council of Roman Catholic bishops in 1962 to 1965.

Thus we are seeing an overview of the history of the Christian church from the Nicene Council to the Reformation to Vatican II, highlighting the major events of church history.

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