Free Prayer

I am both puzzled and amused by a sign written in large letters and posted on one of our main roads in the city.  It reads: "Free Prayer" and then lists a phone number to call.  It puzzles me because I thought that all prayer was "free".


The writer of First Thessalonians urged his readers to "pray constantly".  I think he was urging followers of Jesus to be in a continual attitude of prayer.  If one were attached to a "prayer meter", he or she would soon be bankrupt!

I'm sure that sincere and heartfelt prayer is more talked about and less practiced than it should be, but I am grateful that when I lift my voice in praise or supplication or ask my friends to "pray for me", there is no need to reach for my "charge card".

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Wilbur Rees

Wilbur Rees is currently Pastor Emeritus at Shalom United Church of Christ in Richland.

Wilbur calls himself a “survivor.” Having weathered the first two and a half decades of a tumultuous life, he went on to complete his education and serve as pastor in four states. He has written numerous article for religious publications and, in addition to this book, is the author of “Three Dollars Worth of God”. He is now retired and lives with his wife in Washington State.


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